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Medium Duty

Polyurethane Wheel

Firmly bonded to precision machined cast iron cores offer low rolling resistance, smooth & noiseless running, are non-marking and floor protective. These wheels possess high abrasion & cut resistance and are resistant to tearing. Suitable for medium to heavy duty usage. Also comes in a range of different colors.

Wheel Bearing Options: Sealed precision ball bearings, tapered roller bearings or roller bearings.

Temperature range : -20° C to +85° C..

Load Range : 300KGs - 12,000KGs

Polyamide Wheel

High impact resistant cast polyamide are the ultimate choice for extremely high loads where metallic wheels are not an option. These wheels possess very high abrasion resistance and offer low rolling resistance under extreme loads. Can be used in corrosive applications. Suitable for Harsh conditions

Wheel Bearing Options: Sealed precision ball bearings, tapered roller bearings or plain bore.

Temperature range: -30° C to +80° C.

Exceptional wear resistance

Resistant to chemicals and solvents

Load Range: 50KGs - 11,000KGs

Elastic Rubber / Standard

Elastic Rubber tyred wheels firmly chemically bonded to precision machined cast iron cores/aluminium/nylon. Highly resilient 75° ±5°
Shore A rubber provides very smooth and silent running. Can be used for power towing applications by suitably de-rating the load capacity.

Wheel Bearing Options: Sealed precision ball bearings, tapered roller bearings or roller bearings.

Temperature range: -20° C to +75° C.
Tread Options: Anti-static; conductive and oil resistant wheels are available.

Load Range: up to 1500 KGs

Phenolic Wheel / Anti Static

Fiber-filled phenolic resin, molded under extreme pressure, gives phenolic wheels the ability to carry heavy loads without damaging floors in intermittent service.

They are non-marking, resist corrosion from oil, water, grease and commonly used acids or solvents, and will not spark.

They can be operated continuously in temperatures ranging from -50° to 260° F and intermittently to 300° F.

Roller bearings are standard in all wheels (choice of straight or precision tapered roller bearings in most of the larger sizes).

Tapered bearing wheels feature superior -anti-slip- installation: bearing cups are press-fit into the counterbored ends.

All wheel sizes 5" and above (except 6" x 2-1/2", 6" x 3" and 8" x 3") have ball-check pressure lubrication fittings.

Anti Static / Conductive Wheel

Wheels have a rubber tyre vulcanised to a prepared cast iron centre. Rubber tyre wheels are suitable from light to heavy loads depending on wheel diameter, are quiet in operation and are able to withstand rough service conditions. The wheel centre are protected against the environment by a coat of clear resin shellac.

These wheels are available with alternative bearing types including plain bearing, roller bearings, ball journal bearings and taper roller bearings, and have an effective temperature range of -50°C to +75°C.

Rubber tyres can generate static electricity therefore special formulations have been developed where static or conductance may cause problems. We offer Anti-Static Rubber or Electro-Conductive Rubber options.

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